Open, modular spaceflight software to accelerate mission development.

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The Problem

CubeSat's and other commercial, off-the-shelf hardware has massively reduced the time and expense required to get to space. However, many projects get caught between long hardware lead times and hard launch dates and underestimate the time that is needed to write high-quality space-grade software.

You've gotta account for enough time between when the hardware comes in ... to develop a software and [make sure that] the software is good and it's stable and you've tested it thoroughly

what we've seen in a lot of ... CubeSat startups is that they don't allot enough time for software Marshall Culpepper Founder, Kubos corporation (source)

Our Mission

We are a community that aims to develop and maintain high-quality, modular, open-source software to help accelerate the software development timeline and help missions successfully meet their launch deadlines.

Join Us

If you believe in this goal or are interested in KubOS flight software for your project, come chat with us on discord, send us an email, or take a look at some of our projects on GitHub! We would love have you as a member of the community.